Mold and other organic pollutants are the bane of any building’s existence. Their spores are very tough and can survive temperature extremes easily. Once they land on the roof of your building, they will put down their roots and rapidly start spreading all over your property.

In time, they will pierce through your shingles and other tiles and rupture them. If the infestation is not controlled as soon as possible, the structural integrity of the whole building might be at stake. Conversely, removing all of these organic pollutants would not only bring out its original beauty, but also enhance the life of your property.

These pollutants can destroy the beauty of the entire façade. Since the first impression is almost always a lasting one, clients and other visitors alike would be impressed if your building is not covered in mold or any other infestation.

Mold also creates conditions for other organic pollutants to appear. You can often find lichen growing close to mold and mildew since they all require a moist environment to grow and thrive. 

Trying to remove such an infestation on your own is not a good idea. Apart from the fact that these contaminants are extremely tough, it is a hazardous task that requires climbing to dangerous heights and in precarious places to root it all out. If even a tiny bit of the mold is left, it will simply regrow faster than ever before.

Only the Real Experts Can Do a Great Job!

Mold removal requires extensive training and experience. Using the wrong cleaners and scouring agents can actually harm your property. While such chemicals will remove the mold, they will also damage the paint and the upper layers of your shingles and other tiles.

This will make them vulnerable to re-infestation. Moreover, the external surfaces will become brittle and start to crack. This will mean extensive repairs or even a complete refurbishment of your building. This is why you should only engage the services of true blue professionals for this difficult job.

We at Sparkle Wash Berks County have the equipment along with the trained and experienced technicians required to deep clean your building. Our mold removal specialists use eco-friendly herbicides and detergents to deep clean your structure and increase its longevity so it always looks fresh and clean.

Rest assured, you can count on us for all your commercial pressure washing Reading, PA, needs.