Different parts of the external structure of your house require different kinds of detergents and other chemicals.

Unfortunately, amateur pressure-washing outfits tend to take shortcuts. They use bleach and other harmful chemicals to clean your property. These chemicals can cause a lot of damage to your house, and even shorten its service life.

Harsh and abrasive chemicals can strip away the protective external layers on your shingles and other external surfaces. This means they are more susceptible to waterlogging and other issues. Moreover, they also become brittle and start cracking easily. Eventually, they become easy prey for all kinds of organic pollutants such as mold, algae, mildew, moss, and fungus.

All of the above contaminants are attracted to moisture, and a surface without any protective anti-moisture layers will be taken over by these invaders. In time, they will grow roots and break the roof, walls, and even the beams.

Apart from that, these chemicals can also harm the environment. Since bleach and other equally harmful chemicals don’t break down easily, they enter the water table and essentially poison the water and the soil.

While it is certainly true these chemicals give very good results—but only in the short term—the more times they are applied to your property, the greater the cumulative damage. Eventually, you will have to spend a lot on expensive repairs and replacements of all the damaged sections of your home.

Professional Pressure-Washing Experts to the Rescue!

The real experts at residential pressure washing would never use such chemicals. They use only eco-friendly herbicides and detergents that are hard on the dirt and grime, but mild on the surface finish and the environment in general.

Sparkle Wash has over half a century of experience in cleaning residential properties safely yet thoroughly. All our certified technicians are trained to use our patented equipment and environmentally-friendly chemicals to ensure the longevity of your house.

We won’t just wash your home, but also seal in its original pristine look with the help of high-quality sealing agents. This way, your external surfaces will be largely impervious to harmful external elements and organic contaminants.

You can rely on Sparkle Wash Berks County to get the job done. Don’t trust low-quality products and fly-by-night operators—just get in touch with us for all your residential pressure washing Reading, PA, needs!