Good drivers are the lifeblood of just about every fleet operator or trucking company. This is why hiring and retaining such top-notch drivers with excellent service records is one of their biggest priorities. After all, a truck can be purchased from any showroom.  However, a driver with an exceptional safety record is not that easy to find. 

Such professionals not only take care of company vehicles like their own property, but also promote the brand image of the organization. Here, you can attract these quality candidates by offering them a great vehicle. One that is as clean as it is utterly reliable. 

An expert driver will always want a vehicle free of mud, grease, oil, bugs, and other kinds of filth. Such people would rather be out on the road than cleaning road film from their trucks or putting on gloves to clean the doors, mirrors, and windows before starting their trucks.  

If they are forced to take care of their trucks more than concentrating on their real job of transporting cargo, they may quit in search of better options. Moreover, dirty vehicles that are covered in dirt and mud will cast a shadow over your brand image, and potentially mar your standing as a company of high repute. 

Fleet Pressure Washing Can Help Reduce Your Vehicle Maintenance Costs 

The cleaner the vehicle – the safer it will be. This is because a clean vehicle is a lot easier to inspect than a dirty one. You want your vehicles out on the roads carrying your brand image and cargo everywhere, not sitting idle in the workshop.

Your vehicles will definitely last longer if the mechanics don’t have to peel back layers of dirt and grime to find out if there is anything wrong under the hood, or beyond. Pressure washing will help ensure that your vehicle is absolutely road-worthy. 

Sparkle Wash offers state-of-the-art power washing services with a vast array of top-notch machinery to make the task as easy, quick, and as effective as possible. 

Sparkle Wash technicians are old hands at fleet washing in Reading, PA. We will come to your workshop suitably well equipped with the latest machines, cleaning detergents, and other materials, along with OSHA-approved safety plans. Give us a call to keep your vehicles as safe and clean as possible.