Your deck is permanently exposed to the external environment just like your roof. However, unlike the roof, the deck doesn’t have a layer of shingles to protect it from harmful effects of an outdoor environment. Moreover, wood and composite are both susceptible to airborne organic contaminants such as algae and mold. 

While a composite deck might not require a lot of maintenance, it is nonetheless almost equally vulnerable to the usual culprits. That is, algae, dirt, and mold. A combined onslaught of all these three will have your deck looking discolored, dingy, dull, and faded. Furthermore, mold can actually damage your wood-based deck if you don’t handle the problem before it is too late. However, even algae-infested decks might be saved and restored to their original pristine beauty once a professional deck-cleaning outfit is hired. 

Hire the Real Expert Deck Cleaners        

Many people think that running a hose a few times on the deck once or twice a week will keep it clean. Unfortunately, that is not really the case, and cleaning a faded deck to restore it properly takes a lot of time and effort. If you try to pressure wash it yourself, you might scour away it’s polish and natural oils. On the other hand, too low a pressure setting will merely nourish the moisture-dependent algae. Finally, cleaning a deck is only part of the picture since you will need to seal it afterward to protect its beauty moving forward. 

This is where a professional deck cleaning outfit comes into the picture. You will need expert technicians who are highly trained and experienced at cleaning decks and restoring their original looks.  

After cleaning the deck, they will seal it with the help of very high-quality long-term sealers. This process will ensure that mold and algae won’t regrow on your deck once again. The sealing procedure will be carried out a few days after your deck has been meticulously cleaned and is completely free from dust and other pollutants. These sealers will also protect the deck from UV radiation and ensure that its polish is not eroded anytime soon. 

Sparkle Wash Berks County are the proven experts at house washing in Reading, pa. Our skilled technicians have both the technology and the experience to deep clean your deck so that it looks as good as the day it was built. We use our own unique multi-stage process to ensure that your deck becomes the pride of your property. Just get in touch with us to get your old deck restored in all its former glory!