Texarkana Sanitization

While maintaining a clean and pleasant looking exterior to your buildings has always been our number one priority here at Sparkle Wash Texarkana, we have always been equally passionate about sanitizing buildings and other surfaces that we have been charged with cleaning. It is becoming ever more important to maintain a sanitary environment, both at home and in public. For this reason, Sparkle Wash offers sanitization services in addition to our normal power washing and enterprise cleaning solutions. Based on CDC guidelines, we use a bleach-based solution to effectively eliminate germs.

Sanitizing Shopping Carts

Due to the massive volume of human contact that a single shopping cart may make in a single day (upwards of 60 different sets of hands touch an average grocery cart on any given day), it is important to make sure that shopping carts remain sanitized and free of germs. Using our techniques, we are not only capable of cleaning any mess you may have in or on your shopping carts, but we can also remove all microorganisms that live on these surfaces. Foodborne pathogens are especially good at living on steel or stainless-steel surfaces, which many shopping carts are made of. Food in a grocery cart is at risk even if the contaminated specimen touched the surface days before the unsuspecting shopper uses it. This is why regular sanitization will not only increase customer satisfaction with their visit, it will also greatly reduce the risk of disease being spread in the community.

Sanitizing Schools

Schools have always been a breeding grounds for infectious diseases. Children tend to interact closer than adults and when hundreds of them gather in one building for extended periods every day, it is only a mater of time before one of them gets sick and it spreads around the school like wildfire. Taking preventative measures when it comes to schools is not only responsible, it is downright necessary. A typical wash will only get rid of the gum and graffiti common on school grounds, but here at Sparkle Wash we will also sanitize everything we clean, ensuring that schoolchildren will be slightly more protected from illness than with a standard wash.

Sanitizing Stadiums

Stadiums for local sporting events can regularly see more than 10,000 people gather in close proximity. When crowds of that size gather, it’s important to maintain both general cleanliness and very sanitary conditions. When we clean a stadium, we make sure that the stadium is not only clean and free of any graffiti on gameday, but we also make sure that when the fans pack in to watch the game, they do so in a sanitary environment where there is as a small a risk as possible of contracting a disease. We maintain a clean and healthy environment by not only washing and sanitizing every square inch of the premises but making sure that we clean the bleachers with the same intensity that we clean the rest of everything else. Bleachers can be a breeding ground for microbes that live for long spans of time on metal surfaces, which could lead to a high risk of infection in fans who visit the stadium long after a sick person coughed or sneezed in the area. Through proper sanitization methods, especially the ones that our company employs, we can ensure that everyone involved in local sporting events is safe, from the athletes on the field or on the court to the spectators in the stands.

Sanitizing Buildings

Maintaining cleanliness on the outside of your building is just as important as maintaining the interior. We have proven to be experts in cleaning exteriors, but it may even be more important to maintain the sanitary conditions of your office / house / shopping center using our sanitization processes.  

Sanitizing Sidewalks 

Any sidewalk you have on your property needs to be cleaned regularly, but in addition you may want to schedule a sanitization occasionally, as well to ensure the cleanliness of the area surrounding your building. After all, what good is a clean building if people track in microbes from the sidewalk around your building? We will leave the sidewalks around your building clean and sanitized.

Safety and Environmental Regulations

Sanitization is an important measure to take when cleaning and washing exterior surfaces, and we would like to ensure you that not only will we clean and sanitize whatever exterior surface you need, but with our specialized techniques we can ensure that no harm comes to any plant, animal, or human during the sanitization process. In addition, we are compliant with all relevant EPA codes and regulations.

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