Texarkana Soft Wash

“Soft washing” in Texarkana has proven to be a reliable and effective method of cleaning roofs and building exteriors over the past few years. Soft washing is achieved with a mixture of powerful, biodegradeable, disinfecting, chemicals that are mean to kill any algae, mold, mildew, or other potential organism on the exterior of a building before washing them away. It has been named the “soft wash” to differentiate it from the process of power washing, which derives its name from utilizing extreme pressure to clean the exteriors of buildings. Soft washing has proven to be a safe alternative to pressure or power washing, largely due to the fact that both of those methods may unfortunately lead to serious building or structural damage to more fragile and delicate buildings / materials. By utilizing a soft wash instead of the more dangerous power wash, you can achieve the same thorough cleaning without the risk of stripping away whatever material it is that is being cleaned. The following is a list of potential applications for soft washing that we could provide for you here in Texarkana:

Soft Washing the Roof

The ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) has highly recommended soft washing as the best method for cleaning asphalt roofs, which are popular not only in Texarkana, but throughout the US as well. Metal roofs and tile roofs are also great for soft washing as this process avoids potential damage to the materials on the roof traditionally associated with power washing. On top of all of that, the mold found in Texarkana’s extreme climate can become overwhelming with the high humidity and UV exposure that most roofs here get. In this case, the mold or mildew could potentially bleed into the asphalt (or tile) roof and prove to be too much to handle for a power washer. The chemicals from the soft washing process would be able to seep into the roofing materials a bit and get after the mold and mildew that have been stuck within the material. Along with the potential for damage associated with pressure washing an old building, home, or roof, it also isn’t a very versatile solution. A power wash is the most effective on a large, flat surface, so it is great for cleaning large areas of pavement, but things could get tricky on a roof with several gables, ridges, and dormers. If your home or building is a bit more complex and non-standard, the soft wash could potentially be the perfect solution for you.

Soft Washing Wood

Cleaning your wooden fences, decks or roofs if applicable may seem difficult and complicated, but a soft wash fixes those issues. Soft washing wont strip away any of the wood in the process because of the much lower water pressure used to rinse the disinfecting chemical off of the material. Power washing a wooden structure would lead to some damage at the very least, and it would be much more likely to actually destroy large portions, whether that be from the physical impact or from soaking too far into the wood. With a soft wash, your wood will be left clean as can be without any damage. Deep cleaning the wood and killing any mold or mildew already within can lead to added longevity to the wood, which in some instances could save you thousands in maintenance fees. In many cases, replacing a roof won’t be a matter of replacing the shingles but replacing the sheathing underneath the shingles because of a mold problem. With a soft wash on the sheathing, you can ensure that you won’t have to tear up and replace everything. When replacing a roof, the primary cost oftentimes is the labor involved, not necessarily the materials, so why not try to prevent replacing a roof early when it could have been avoided with a power wash.

Soft Washing Screened Enclosure

soft washing in texarkana soft wash texarkanaWith a screened enclosure or screened wall, power washing is simply out of the question. You wouldn’t want to simply destroy the entire screened enclosure with one blast from a power washer. The only real solution to cleaning your screens is with a soft wash. A soft wash ensures that the screen is completely free of dust and doesn’t have any mold or mildew on it. Without the disinfecting chemicals, simply washing the screened enclosure will do little to nothing against the spread of harmful things like mold. Getting screens actually clean takes a ton of effort without a soft wash, but with a soft wash your porch or other screened enclosure will not only look good, it will also be safer.

vinyl soft washing texarkanaSoft Washing Vinyl

Cleaning something as sensitive as vinyl can prove to be very difficult without a soft wash. The material is usually far too flimsy to withstand a power wash, yet there is often too much of it to clean it all quickly by hand. Soft washing is the solution here. Instead of breaking apart the vinyl fence or roof, you can elect to utilize a soft wash to allow you to clean the material without risking damage while still doing an excellent job. The soft wash is the best way to not only clean your vinyl products, but due to the nature of the cleaning solution, it also will disinfect it. This is especially useful when dealing with large structures that utilize PVC corrugated roofing such as a greenhouse, or when cleaning a vinyl fence. A soft wash is the only way to ensure that your vinyl gets a deep cleaning quickly and without much hassle

Soft Washing Stucco

Vulnerable materials like stucco need extra attention to be cleaned. If you power wash it, there is a big chance that parts of your stucco wall, especially near the edges, could chip away if you aren’t careful. Additionally, cleaning the wall by hand with all the texture on it could prove to be very difficult and time consuming. With a soft wash, there is no need to worry about damaging the stucco or spending hours getting the job done. A soft wash will leave your stucco looking like new while also getting rid of any recurring mold or mildew for the time being, so there is no need to worry about any damage caused by these stains for several years between cleanings.

Soft Washing Concrete

Utilizing a pressure washer on a large slab on old concrete could lead to damage, especially if there are already structural imperfections with the slab. In this instance, a soft wash would come in handy to clean up the concrete without the need to risk further damage to the slab. Soft washing creates an equally clean surface with less risk of damage or recurring mold and mildew due to the special mixture of antiseptic chemicals used in the cleaning process. To top all of that off, the equipment is much quieter and less likely to do damage to whatever surrounds the concrete, whether that be your lawn, garden, or house. While utilizing a power washer may seem like the obvious answer here, sometimes a soft wash should be considered in cases of slightly damaged concrete or with irregularly shaped concrete. Soft washing should especially be considered if the stains on the slab are primarily from mold, mildew, or moss, which we are especially susceptible to in Texarkana.

Soft Washing the Building Exterior

Soft washing has virtually no limit to the types of materials that can be cleaned, so it works on all types of building or home exteriors including wood, brick, metal, stucco, concrete, or cement. When it comes to exterior structures such as screened in patios or even cedar shake siding, it is important to make the right decision when figuring out how to clean it effectively. The benefits of using a soft wash solution in cleaning the exterior of your building include not only the lack of risk you take by avoiding a power washer, but also the added effectivity and cleanliness that comes from utilizing a disinfecting solution to clean it with. The soft wash is much more versatile and reliable than a power wash in situations that include fragile materials like stucco, wood, or metal. Power washing things like brick and concrete may seem easy enough, but the soft wash method may end up being more effective and easier in some instances, especially when dealing with irregular shapes or surfaces.

Soft Wash Your Business

If you wish to make your business, whether it be a shop, a strip mall, or even an office building, really stand out from the rest, the best way to achieve that is with a soft wash. A soft wash will not only clean your building, but also simultaneously disinfect the entire thing from top to bottom, allowing you to operate a clean and safe building. This will get rid of many problems faced in Texarkana, such as an excess of mold or moss due to the humid climate.  Getting rid of these public health risks in a quick and effective manner is of utmost importance, and the best way to take care of it is via Soft Washing.

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