When I was in the pressure washing business, I thought the perfect graduation gift was a case of silver spray paint.  Within hours of the commencement speech, my phone would begin to ring with thousands of dollars of graffiti removal work.  Silver, the easiest color to remove, would ensure my staff was well compensated for June.  I know this sounds a bit self-serving but truth be told, I was glad I had a solution to fix this problem.

The fact is, graffiti removal and the resulting damage to property is a multi-billion dollar problem in the U.S.  Current estimates are about $12 billion annually.  Cities are the most affected and spending this kind of cash each year has a huge effect on city budgets.

The problem is world wide.  However, not all governments and property owners see the value of quick removal.  On a recent European trip, I saw nearly every government space littered with painted words and symbols.  Some of these buildings were hundreds if not thousands of years old, damaged and collecting more.  It told me much about the city and the lack of respect for the work others had done.

What to do about this problem depends on who you talk to.  Some look at graffiti as art, others as harmless expression.  Unfortunately, much of it is gang related and painted as a reminder of turf territories.

Others see it for what it truly is, vandalism and destruction that must be dealt with swiftly or there will b e a multiplying effect. The sooner it is removed, the less will need to be removed.

Graffiti on a painted surface is easily managed.  Just get out some matching paint and cover it up.  But what about when it is on a historic stone building, a church door, a concrete sidewalk or brick school wall.  We are talking paint removal from a porous surface, sometime multiple surfaces and often after fully cured for several weeks or months.

The old tried and true method of rapid removal was the dreaded sand blasting.  Fast yes, but at what cost.  The surface after blasting was damaged in such a way that often the words or symbols were not permanently etched in the building.

Luckily, graffiti removal has advanced past that damaging process.  Chemical application and reasonable pressure washing will eliminate most if not all layers of paint, penetrating any porous surface and dissolving the paint for a complete and safe removal.  High traffic areas can be protected with a clear sacrificial coating that allows for rapid and complete removal of any new activity.

Once the graffiti is removed, it no longer acts as a magnet for other “artists”.  The real goal of any removal is to project an image of cleanliness and caring.  A fully coated wall will attract more, invite gang activity and promote crime.

Let’s not forget the image most businesses and institutions want to project.  An inviting appearance of cleanliness and safety is vital to keeping and growing any business as well as discouraging urban decline.  Rapid removal takes less time and fewer products than cured paints so getting it off fast saves money and protects the company image.

The bottom line is that graffiti costs lots of money and damages any neighborhood.  Get it removed fast and protect your investment.  You wouldn’t stand for it on your car.

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