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Sparkle Wash Puget Sound Professional Pressure Washing provides a variety of power washing and restoration services in the commercial, residential and fleet markets. Our technicians are trained to pressure wash houses to multi-floor office buildings and everything in-between. No project is too big — or too small.

As pressure washing experts, we pride ourselves on training, experience and reliability. We recognize that every project is different, and we can quickly assess what’s needed from different water pressures to effective cleaning agents. At Sparkle Wash, we cater our services to your needs and recommend a customized plan that’s right for you and your budget.

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Fleet Pressure Washing


Take pride in your buildings and invest in safety.

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Fleet Pressure Washing


Sparkle Wash creates a plan to clean and protect all areas of your home.

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New Construction Pressure Washing

New Construction

Stay on schedule and budget. We offer new construction cleaning.

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Industrial Pressure Washing


Invest in a safe, clean enviroment with our industrial cleaning.

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Pressure Washing in the greater Puget Sound area

Pressure washing has proven to be a reliable method of maintaining clean and sanitary conditions on all types of surfaces. With our levels of humidity and allergens here in the greater Puget Sound area, maintaining these conditions on your property is of the utmost importance. Pressure washing is the process of directing highly pressurized streams of water at sturdy surfaces (e.g. concrete, building exteriors, asphalt, metal) in order to wash away any dirt, mold, pathogens, or any other generally unfavorable blemishes on those surfaces. Generally speaking, pressure washing is mostly reserved for large, flat surfaces such as concrete slabs or home exteriors, though you will find that whatever surface you want cleaned will be cleaner than you have ever remembered it. Using our specialized techniques that we have developed over years in the pressure washing industry, even very irregularly shaped objects such as shopping carts can be pressure washed to provide you with a clean environment, whatever that environment happens to be. We have a reliable track record of providing fast, thorough, and friendly service to our customers over the years and we hope to make your next pressure washing experience the best you’ve ever had.

We wash buildings to remove mold, algae, cobwebs, dirt, and bird droppings using a gentle soap and low water pressure.  Facets washed include:  siding, trim, gutter exteriors, breezeways, decks and under the eaves. We wash, largely, from the ground using custom-made extension wands and specialized nozzles to apply the soap and low-pressurized water perpendicularly to the building surface.  This approach effectively removes dirt and mold and minimizes any chance of water damage or intrusion.  Use of our specialized soap also kills any biological spores on the surface of the building, so surfaces remain cleaner longer.

Pressure Washing for Property Managers

As a property manager, it is your duty to provide residents with safe, clean buildings to live in. While maintaining the interior of your residents’ homes may be the primary concern for you, it should also be important for you to maintain a clean exterior for your residents. On a single house, there is the option of cleaning the exterior by hand, no matter how long and arduous the task may seem, but if you are managing a wide array of properties or a large residential complex, this is not an option. This is where a pressure wash from Sparkle Wash Puget Sound can come in handy. Utilizing our pressure washing services to remove any mold, stains, or mildew is the best way to ensure that your residents live in a clean and healthy environment without breaking your back. Our team can handle any sized job, and we can take care of any condominium, townhouse, or apartment community you need cleaned up. Property managers make up a large portion of the demand for pressure washing here in the greater Puget Sound area, and we can take care of your needs like no one else can. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your residents is a top priority as a property manager, and with our help you can ensure that cleaning your property / properties is done quickly, efficiently, and at a fair cost.

Pressure Washing for Residential Buildings

For personal residences, it may seem like an ambitious weekend project to clean a stain or mold spot that just popped up over the weekend. While this is certainly a respectable approach, there is only so much an untrained person can do (no matter how handy they happen to be). In the event that you need to clean a larger house or if you would like to relax on the weekends and not have to worry about cleaning the exterior of your home a couple of times a year, we are here to help. We can clean the exterior of your home to leave it looking fresh and clean before any major event you hold at your house. Even if you would just like your house to look a bit nicer for non-event related reasons, we can tackle that and ensure that your house is looking as good as you’ve ever seen it. As time tested professionals in the industry, we are ready to handle any size house and whatever material that house may be made of. Whether your have wood siding, stucco, or even brick, we can ensure that your house is looking clean and free of any mold, mildew, or any other unsightly stains.

Pressure Washing for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings require regular maintenance with the large amounts of foot traffic that they experience daily. For this reason, maintain a clean exterior is vastly important and it could even make in difference in your bottom line. Customers might not seek out the cleanest environments to shop in, but they will certainly avoid places that look dirty on the outside. To get more customers to come to your commercial space, it is important to maintain the exterior of the space and a pressure wash is the perfect way to do it. Cleanliness encourages spending, and customers are more likely to stay for a longer time and shop more in places that are clean rather than those that are either average looking or dirty. Not only are we able to provide your building with a cleaner exterior, we can also clean your parking lots, receiving areas, shopping carts, or sidewalks. Any surface that you have that needs to look spotless, we can cover it and we can do it quickly and efficiently. We have the know how to tackle any commercial space to create a safe and clean environment for your customers. 

Pressure Washing for Industrial Spaces

Any industrial area requires regular maintenance to keep up productivity and avoid any unsafe working conditions. Keeping warehouses, reservoirs, and even amusement parks clean is greatly important to maintaining a healthy and efficient working environment for your employees. Not only, will you and your employees benefit greatly from keeping a neat and tidy workplace, but additionally it may fall within OSHA regulations to keep certain aspects of your industrial space clean. Any amount of oil stains, chemical stains, or general dirtiness can be handled with a simple pressure wash. We have been cleaning warehouses since we started up business in the greater Puget Sound area, and we would like to pass that experience and know how on to you. Let us know what you need, and we can be there quickly to take care of any surface that needs to be cleaned. Our services are quick, efficient, and most of all the best you have ever experienced.

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