Commercial buildings typically attract way more visitors than their residential counterparts. As a result, they are also subject to more stringent regulations and inspections. Should your commercial property fail an inspection, you might have to pay stiff penalties—or worse.

Grime, dirt, and dust can hide structural and maintenance-related issues. While you might have missed the telltale signs, sharp-eyed inspectors almost certainly won’t make such a mistake. If the problem is big enough, it might even lead to the sealing of the structure!

However, cleaning your commercial building regularly will help ensure this doesn’t happen. It will catch most cosmetic issues before they take a turn for the worse.

True blue commercial pressure-washing experts will eliminate organic pollutants such as mildew, algae, mold, and fungus. Pressure washing will also remove bird droppings.

Such droppings are acidic and can eat away through your HVAC vents and gutters. They should be removed on a priority basis if you want to avoid unnecessary repairs. Ultimately, it is far better to schedule regular cleaning sessions than to wait until the inspectors give you a negative rating.

Regular Pressure Washing Can Help You Sail Though Your Inspection

It is very simple really. Regular maintenance courtesy of your friendly, neighborhood commercial pressure-washing service provider will always ensure that your commercial building’s appearance is immaculate. Apart from increasing its curb value and creating a great first impression, it will also save you money and time. The monthly inspection process will also be streamlined. After all, a clean building is considerably easier to inspect than one matted in dirt and grime.

It’s not just the roof and the walls that are at risk. A commercial building inspection also takes into consideration the driveway, walkway, external staircases, and parking lot.

The inspectors will prioritize these areas, and you should do the same. Any injuries due to slipping and falling can potentially lead to lawsuits—not to mention failed inspections.

If you are running a retail business in your commercial building, you must pay extra attention to these trouble areas.

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