When Image and Safety are Important, Turn to Sparkle Wash Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Your company’s image and appearance impact how customers view your operation. First impressions are critical to prospects, and existing customers appreciate dealing with a well-managed business. Sparkle Wash can help by removing unpleasant grit and grime. Plus we take your safety seriously, offering scheduled cleaning of troublesome areas such as fueling stations, dumpster areas and greasy exhaust vents to give your employees and guests the security they expect. We also specialize in pressure washing apartment buildings, condominium complex and working with Homeowner Associations. Let Sparkle Wash develop a plan of action to address all these cleaning and safety needs.

Commercial Pressure Washing Examples

  • Building Exteriors
  • Sidewalks and Plazas
  • Parking Garages and Lots
  • Driveways and Pavers
  • Awnings
  • Decks
  • Courtyards and Outdoor Patios
  • Walkways
  • Garage Floors
  • Loading Docks
  • Exhaust Vent Hood
  • Graffiti Removal

Commercial Pressure Washing Surface Examples

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Painted and Unpainted Wood
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Shingles

Sparkle Wash Can Help Address Many Concerns and Help Your Business Achieve Its Full Potential

  • Gum, grease and other types of unattractive and unsafe debris on walks or entranceways
  • Stains on building exteriors, awnings or signage
  • Rust and many types of mineral stains
  • Slippery, unsafe dumpster areas with grease and slime buildup
  • Unpleasant white stains on your masonry work (efflorescence/lime run)
  • Unsightly graffiti anywhere on buildings and property

An Investment in Our Sealers & Coatings Always Makes You Look Good

Let Sparkle Wash prepare a plan of action to apply anti-graffiti coatings, professional-grade concrete sealers as well as anti-mold/mildew treatments to virtually any flat or vertical surface on your property. These treatments can save money by increasing the period of time needed between Sparkle Wash power washings.