Patio Pavers

Why Should I Maintenance My Patio Pavers?

Patio paver maintenance is important for a multitude of reasons.  The number one reason is too prevent the shifting of pavers due to loss of sand.  The sand that sits between the pavers is meant to provide stability, so the pavers do not shift or crack under pressure.  After pressure washing any stains visible on your pavers, we will refill in the spaces between pavers with sand to reinforce the stability required.

The paver wash will help remove efflorescence, oil, dirt, rust, skid marks and other organic or non-organic matter to restore the pavers to their original vibrance.  Restoration services from Sparkle Wash Cincinnati will give your pavers long lasting splendor.

Once the pavers are washed and fine sand is refilled in the spaces between pavers. We use a paver sealer to protect your pavers from the elements.

How Do I Know if My Pavers Need to be Resealed?

To do an at-home test, take your house and spray down your patio pavers. If the water does not bead on the surface of the pavers, it is time for a fresh coat.  The sealer will not only protect your pavers from moisture, but it will bring some vibrance to the stones.  Depending on the shade of your stones, a beautiful shine may also be noticeable.  Darker stones tend to have a more noticeable shine than lighter stones, but the finish will still be a beautiful one.

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