Ice Dam Removal

Let Sparkle Wash Safely Remove Ice Dams 

Our trained technicians use a proven steam method to correctly and safely remove snow build-up and ice dams from your roof and gutters.

Ice Dam Removal and Prevention

Ice dams form when heat escapes from your roof causing snow to melt and freeze near the edge of the roofline which then blocks the gutters, not allowing the water to move. This blockage can cause water to leak into your home, leaving brown water spots on your ceiling and walls. And if not treated quickly, it may also cause permanent drywall damage.

What You Need to Look For

Ice Dam RemovalFortunately, it’s pretty easy to determine if you have ice dams forming, just look for large icicles. But simply trying to remove these icicles or waiting for a change in the weather will not solve the (sometimes serious) problems created by an ice dam in time. Give us a call and we will come out to assess the problem and discuss the best solution to removing the snow and ice build-up on your roof and gutters.

Remember ice dams form when heat escapes from your roof, so ice dams and build-up aren’t necessarily limited to your gutter area. They also form around dryer vents, pipes, exhaust fans and skylights.

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