Precast Cleaning

What Causes New Precast Panel Discoloration?

Pressure washing New Construction Precast concrete may be required due to discoloration of the panel that could occur during production, shipping, installation or after the panel is installed at the construction site. Discoloration can occur due to many reasons, some of which are:

• Dirt and dust can stain the face of a panel during handling and storage at the precast plant.

• Dirt, dust and road salts may accumulate on the face of a panel during transportation, especially if shipping a long distance to the job site or during inclement weather.

• Oil and grease stains could appear on the panel from leaky handling equipment (cranes) or from handprints made by installation personnel.

• Mud from the site may splash on panels at the base of the building, or from rust, dirt or other debris draining from nearby buildings on to the face of the panel.

• Insulation, sealants, oils and other materials may be inadvertently placed on the face of the panel during the installation of the support structure.

• Efflorescence or pollution may discolor or stain the panels after installation.

• Discoloration and staining will not affect the long-term performance of precast concrete.

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