Hydraulic Spill Clean Up

What are Hydraulic Fluids?

Hydraulic fluids are a very large class of materials that are used in machines and equipment to transfer pressure from one point to another. These fluids are made up of mostly three components:  (1) mineral oil, (2) organophosphate ester, and (3) polyalphaolefin.

Where Hydraulic fluids are Used:

  • car automatic transmissions, brakes, power steering
  • tractors, farm equipment
  • forklift trucks, bulldozers, and other construction equipment
  • throughout the airline industry

What Happens When Hydraulic Fluids Enter Into the Environment?

Hydraulic fluids can enter the environment from spills and leaks in machines that use them and from leaky storage tanks. Depending if the spill is on soil or near water many things can be affected by the oil including plants, fish, wildlife and in the more severe cases, our food and water sources causing permanent damage if not cleaned up properly.

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